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Alignment of Notice Periods for Blue-Collar and White-Collar Employees with the 1st of October

As of October 1, 2021, the previous statutory notice periods for white collar employees will also apply to blue collar employees. This alignment was to take effect on January 1, 2021, however was postponed until October. It applies to all notices of termination given after September 30.

The periods of notice of termination by the employer are now for all employees:

6 weeks, up to the 2nd year of service
2 months after the 2nd year of service,
3 months after the 5th year of service,
4 months after the 15th year of service,
5 months after the 25th year of service.

If the employer terminates the employment relationship, the statutory termination date is the end of the calendar quarter, both for blue-collar as well as white-collar employees. However, it is possible – and advisable – to agree on the 15th and/or the last day of the calendar month as termination date.