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Kurier article with Dr. Köck – What are inappropriate questions in the workplace?

“Have you lost weight?” “You look dashing today.”

When does a comment go too far in the workplace, when can a remark constitute harassment?

Dr. Stefan Köck answered these questions in the Kurier edition of Saturday, April 29, 2023. The article with the interview can be found on the first page of the Jobkurier section of the newspaper.

Hon.-Prof Dr. Stefan Köck, is a partner at Greindl & Köck Rechtsanwälte. As a leading expert in the field of employment law, he also advises on legal issues relating to conduct in the workplace.



The link to the Kurier article as e-paper (only in German):
JOBKURIER mit Dr. Köck

For people with a Kurier Digital subscription (only in German):
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